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Recommended Resources

When asked what he thought were the very best learning resources for close up with cards and coins, Tommy sent in this list.



Best Beginner's Book - Mark Wilson's Encyclopedia of Magic (but don't be fooled, not just for the beginner, great stuff)


Best Basic Coin Book if specializing in coins - Bobo's Modern Coin Magic (the material most coin magic is built around)


Best Basic Card Book if specializing in cards - Card College Series (5 books) (step by step teaching manual, huge investment of money and time)


Best Card Video Series - Harry Lorayne DVD series (10 DVDs in all) (practical card work, ask James Schwab about Lorayne's work)


Best Coin Video Series - David Roth Expert Coin Magic Made Easy Series (3 DVD set) (excellent coin work for all levels)


Other great selections


Close Up


Tommy Wonder DVD series (Tommy Wonder, 'nuff said)


Al Schneider DVD series (unique philosophy of magic with equally unique finesses)




I wouldn't buy Card College unless you were absolutely serious about specializing in card magic. They mostly explain sleights, then teach an effect or two using those sleights. However, it's like a snowball. What you learn early in the series will be used in later effects. It's like building a foundation of knowledge that you can refer back to at any time. For just starting out, I'd get the Mark Wilson book. It contains basic card and coin sleights and it's cheaper than other alternatives. It can be found in local bookstores or online in paperback. Once you decide what you want to do, then you may choose to get the books or videos to further your study. But start with the basics first.