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Join Us

What do I have to do to become a member?

To be a member of the Chattanooga Magic Club, you must also be a member in good standing of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. If you are already a member of the I.B.M., then all you do is fill out and submit a ring 112 application. If you are not a member of the I.B.M., then you must fill out an International application for them along with an application for us. Usually, an application clears the I.B.M within 3 months. Your name will be listed in The Linking Ring magazine during that time. Once it appears and there are no problems with your application, then you become a member of the I.B.M. soon after. Membership to the Chattanooga Magic Club hinges on your acceptance in the I.B.M. Once that hurdle is cleared, then you can become a member of Ring 112.

Can I continue to come to meetings while I wait for the I.B.M. to accept my application?

Certainly. You are welcome to attend meetings while the application process is ongoing.

How much are dues to your club and to the I.B.M?

Dues to the Chattanooga Magic Club are $15 per year. Membership does have its privileges. Members receive a discount on admission when we have lectures.

The I.B.M. dues are as follows:


Active Members

$60.00  - Active Member (with the digital-only access to The Linking Ring)

$70.00  - Active Member (with the print edition of The Linking Ring and unlimited digital access) ‡

Youth Member (age 7 to 17)

$40.00  - Youth Member (with the digital Linking Ring only)

$50.00  - Youth Member - comes with both the Linking Ring Magazine and the digital Linking Ring ‡

Associate Member (spouse of an Active or Order of Merlin Member or Bonafide Assistant of an I.B.M. Member)

$15.00  - Associate Member (does not have access to the Linking Ring)

What happens at meetings?

Lots of things. First, a business meeting begins at 7pm to discuss old and new business. This typically lasts around 15 minutes. We try to make these as short as possible. Afterward, we take a 5 to 10 minute break before we have the performance or special program for the evening. Each meeting typically has a theme or event scheduled for the evening. Members volunteer to perform during this time and they can choose whether to perform an effect that follows the theme or not. The point is to have a good time. Some meetings we have mini-lectures performed by club members. Several members have graciously volunteered to share their knowledge with the club. Following the performances, members can either leave or stick around to session (show tricks to one another). We typically leave the building between 9:30 and 10pm. Certain months of the year are designated for annual club events. February is the club banquet and officer installation ceremony. October is our annual Halloween stage show. November is our close up show/contest. December is our Christmas dinner and show. Sometimes we schedule the lecture of a well-known magician during club meetings.

What lecturers have you had visit the club in the past?

Michael Ammar, Bob Sheets, Aldo and Rachel Colombini, Paul Gertner, Petrick and Mia, Dan Tong, Lee Asher, Paul Wilson, Max Howard, Garrett Thomas, and Nathan Kranzo have visited the club in recent years. The Pendragons made a surprise appearance at one club meeting and Jonathan gave an unexpected lecture. This proves anything can happen at the Chattanooga Magic Club.

Do I have to perform at the meetings?

Performance is and should be on a volunteer basis. However, this is a great place to try out new effects and receive instant feedback from your peers.

What are the ages of your members?

All ages. We have members who are senior citizens, middle-aged, twenty-somethings, and teenagers.

Do the club members perform one type of magic more than another?

You will find the younger members performing more close-up magic, but the types of magic vary based on who chooses to perform. We have members who specialize in card magic and others in rope magic. Some prefer stand-up effects while others might choose mentalism. This is where the monthly theme comes in handy. The themes vary from month to month to promote a variety of magical performances.

Why should I join your club?

You will find the members of the Chattanooga Magic Club are here to help you along your own magical path. It provides a haven to share effects and secrets along with a platform for you to improve your magic and sharpen your skills.