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Joshua Jay Lecture


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Joshua Jay Lecture

  • East Ridge Retirement Center 1417 N Mack Smith Rd East Ridge, TN 37412 (map)
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Joshua Jay is coming to a city near you! In his first American lecture tour in seven years, acclaimed performer, author, and creator Joshua Jay will present two-hours of his newest and most exciting material. You will learn effects with cards, coins, dollar bills, matches, books, and more. You will see mentalism, close-up magic, and parlor effects, as well as his game-changing talk, “Decisions.” Joshua will perform and explain all the nuances to his latest creation, “Inferno,” which was just voted “Trick of the Year” on the Magic Café.

Here is a look at what will be covered:

Hitchcock: Party mystery story, part card trick, ALL magic. A card trick that astounds even parlor crowds.

Cornered Complete: A borrowed bill appears in a spectator's wallet, and to end, the torn-off corner of the bill is restored with a flash of fire.

Inferno: The 2014 "Trick of the Year" will be performed and explained. It's a thought-of card in matchbox.

Prism Deck: Joshua's signature color-changing deck routine. Entirely in the hands, visual, and with a surprise ending.

Sherlock: A spectator selects any one of SEVEN decks of cards, thinks of any card in the pack, and hides it. Using the tactics of Sherlock Holmes, you discern which pack was selected and which card was chosen. A magician-fooler and a crowd pleaser. Oh, and the routine is unpublished.

Triad Coins: This is Joshua's latest effect, and is not published. You'll have to come to see what it looks like.

Cylinder and Coins: A NEW handling of this classic effect, in which all the props (except the coins themselves) have been replaced.

And much, much more!

*Tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis.  Please reserve your spot today by purchasing a ticket from the menu above.  Must be an IBM Ring 112 Member in good standing to receive the discounted price.