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Dan Fleshman Lecture
7:00 PM19:00

Dan Fleshman Lecture

Dan Fleshman has been practicing magic for over forty years and professionally for twenty five of those years. Dan will be starting his eighth year this summer with the Chop House Restaurants in Beaver Creek and Vail, Colorado performing six nights a week. Dan has performed in hundreds of restaurants, hotels and nightclubs with great success!

Dan has lectured in every state except Maine and Alaska. He has lectured and performed in Europe, Japan and Canada. Dan has also performed numerous times at the world famous Magic Castle and has been featured on the cover of Genii Magazine.

Dan has lecture notes, DVD’s and many effects showcasing his magic. He has been featured on DVD’s produced by L&L including many of the World’s Greatest Magic series. Dan also stars in the Live at The Jail House DVD’s with six other working pros.

Come join Dan and see why he is one of the most sought after close-up magicians. Gear up for a great night of magic and fellowship with some of your friends and enjoy an Evening of Magic with Dan Fleshman!

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What is in the Dan Fleshman Lecture?

  • Effects that are both visually appealing as well as highly commercial & entertaining
  • Effects pertaining to cards, coins, rope routines, and misc. magic
  • Tips on routining, timing, and the use of body language
  • Dan’s thought process behind the selection of his effects
  • Tips on working in restaurants today


You exceeded my expectations!

– John Luka

Motor City Close-Up Convention Of all of the lectures we have had at our shop yours was by far the best!

– Denny Haney Denny and Lee’s Magic Shop

If you want a lecture packed with practical advice, superb techniques and great commercial tricks, you could do no better than seeing Dan Fleshman. I have seen him lecture many times over the last 35 years and I always learn something new and exciting that I can add to my arsenal. His newest lecture may actually be his best, adding that much more intensive, real world performing experience and the material he teaches is based on all of that. Don't miss Dan Fleshman when he comes to your area.

– Marc DeSouza

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Garrett Thomas Lecture
7:00 PM19:00

Garrett Thomas Lecture

If you care about magic as an art, you must see Garrett Thomas; He is like a motivational Speaker for Magicians. Why do you do what you do? Do you want to take it to the next level? 

Just spend some time with Garrett, and you will soon learn how to further your magic in simplicity, clarity, and most importantly, how to evoke astonishment.

You will learn some of the effects that have made Garrett a favorite amongst top magicians. Also, learn many touches to be applied to your own magic. Many of his effects have quickly become coveted Favorites of Top Professionals in our Field.

A Real-World Magician Over the years, Garrett Thomas had quickly become recognized as a major creative force in magic. So much so, that luminaries like David Blaine, Marco Tempest, and many others, have retained his services as a consultant for their television specials.

Garrett has performed in the world famous Forks Hotel and Bar, and now performs in restaurants and nightclubs all over Western New York. A member of the FFFF magic society, Garrett Thomas has performed and lectured at clubs and conventions all over the United States, Canada, and the UK, and is now coming to your area.

Garrett brings back magic in its purest form. His effects are simple, clean, well-thought-out pieces of magical art. 

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Warning: This Lecture may Change the way you view your magic! 

What will be taught in this lecture?



·       RING THING 

·       BANDED




·       and More that can’t mention here...





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5:00 PM17:00


The Lecture  

 "Theatrical Magic - The Lecture" isn't just a trick lecture. Although attendees will leave with solid audience and time tested material that they can immediately perform, the lecture offers so much more. Of special interest will be the focus on Character Development, and script writing. These are things every top pro stresses as important, yet there has been very little practical information available to the average performer. This lecture will change that.   Among the tricks taught are solid, close-up and platform pieces that most magicians already own the props to perform - they just need to pull them out and dust them off!

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These include:   

Jiggernaut - A solid script for Mark Jenest's classic cup & ball routine, that makes the routine more adaptable to any performance persona, but more than that it is a lesson in customizing a script to fit your performance persona. 

Houdini Escapes! - This script transforms the Scotch and Soda trick from a sucker routine into a theatrical showpiece! 

Wonder Pen-Atration - A throw-away quickie becomes a magical showpiece! Strong enough to be done on stage!  Lie Detector - A self working card miracle that ANYONE can do, but strong enough to close with! 

Pyro Perception - So, what do you do with that weird blister trick? Turn it into a mental magic masterpiece! 

Teflon Cards - A novel moving signature routine. A card is signed on the back and then the signature is visually removed and placed on the back of a different card! 

The Drag Queen - A humorous fusion of magic and mentalism using a deck of cards. Very visual, yet within the reach or any level magician. The audience's eyes will fall out when you do this one! 

The $50 Stand-Up Show - John will perform and discuss his stand-up show. A timetested, audience approved show that can be presented on any stage to audiences of any size - from 20 to 2000! This 30 minute show is John's corporate bread & butter and the principles used to create the show are applicable to every performance style or persona. Best of all it fits in a briefcase, can travel as carryon, and the materials cost less than $50.00!!

After the lecture, John’s book Theatrical Magic is available as well as the e-book How To Produce Your Theater Show, as well as lecture notes.   

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Family Magic Night
6:30 PM18:30

Family Magic Night

$5 per person or $15 per family (3 or more)

Pre-registration required: 423-842-6748

The Family Magic Night is an annual program held by Ring 112 in conjunction with the Hamilton County Park Service, and serves to raise money for both organizations. Held at the Chester Frost Pavilion, this year’s show will feature the magic of Past-President Jack Wagner, President Mike Frisbee, and professional Scott Fillers. Fourteen year old Johnathan Rackley will also perform the Vanishing Bandanna. Don Rackley will Emcee.

Pictures of the show will be posted here.

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7:00 PM19:00

Kyle Merlet Lecture

  • Magic of Scott Fillers & Co Storage/Studio (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The Chattanooga Magic Club will be hosting this lecture, $10 for Ring112 Members and $15 for guests.

Tickets can be purchased in advance below.  You may also purchase tickets at the door for the same rate.


108 1/2 E 7th St # 4 Chattanooga, TN (the map is showing the wrong state for some reason but this is in Chattanooga.)

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The talented and off-beat, yet charismatic performer brings a mixture of deadpan humor, unexpected surrealism, and mind blowing personal twists on classic illusions, both small and large scale. Marlett may be young, but he commands the stage like a veteran with an impressive poise and confident stage presence.

Marlett is a young rising star who owns the nerd label so proudly that it's made him one of the most confident and hippest acts in Las Vegas. Catch the horn rim glasses wearing rising stars It's Tricky Show at The Royal House or Tahiti Village! Comedy nerd is not an insult… in fact, it’s a description that the talented illusionist came up with for himself. While people went to great lengths to avoid the nerd label in the past, these days its hip to be square and the big brained Marlett has focused all his energies into becoming one of the best young magicians in the business. He’s already impressed national audiences with an appearance on The Tonight Show, and is the star of a new upcoming tv show premiering August 19th on the SyFy Network called Wizard Wars!

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Nathan Kranzo Lecture
7:00 PM19:00

Nathan Kranzo Lecture

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Nathan Kranzo is back with and all new lecture!

Kranzo is now one of the top magical entertainers in the country. His original magic creations have been published in national and worldwide publications like Magic Magazine, Genii Magazine, MUM, The Linking Ring, The Penumbra, Antinomy, Channel One and the list goes on. Nathan has performed and lectured all over the United States as well as Canada, Mexico, France, England, Holland, and Japan. Nathan was a consultant for Penn and Teller’s NBC special “Off The Deep End”. He has been a columnist for MUM magazine and currently performs in comedy clubs and corporate events around the Midwest.

Check out some of the effects he will teach in his lecture:


This is one of Kranzo's specialties.  Kranzo will teach you THREE fantastic way's to apprach a group.  He will also teach you THREE routines that can be used Close Up and Stand Up to either start a show or approach a group cold.  


Two Copper, One Silver

Kranzo will share some of his thoughts on this gaffed passed down from Connie Hayden.  He'll share tips from his working routine as well as tips from Bob White, John Bannon and Yuji Wada.  

The Opener Coin Routine

This is a routine that Kranzo uses as an opener for small groups. It combines visual magic with comedy and Kranzo uses this routine to talk about the psychology of social dynamics. Kranzo teaches this routine from his Stand Up Coin Magic DVD.

Coin Thru Silk ROUTINE

Simple EYE CANDY magic that uses a coin and a silk.  Can be performed for anyone, anytime, anywhere....even if they can't speak english or hear.  Great versatile magic!!!

Peek A BOO

Kranzo will tip a FEW of his favorite methods to peek or glimpse a thought of card. A weapon everyone should add to their toolbox. Revealing a thought of card is one of the strongest things you can do with a deck of cards.


Comedy Thought of Card

A card called out by an audience member is predicted with no palming. Self working and NO index in your pants LOL! Audience participation and built in comedy. This always brings down the house.

Blindfold Ace Cutting

Using a STEEL Blindfold Kranzo Shuffles and cuts to the three Aces. The fourth ace is found by stabbing a knife blade down thru the deck to the exact location of the fourth Ace!!!! Watch Kranzo perform this on the NBC25 morning news.


Kranzo will teach several bits, gags and effects from his classic booklets Comedy For Magicians and Mentalists.


The Tru Test/Magazine Test

Take any modern magazine and perform a MIRACLE. Think about if you could perform the Mother Of ALL Book Tests with a page from a MAGAZINE

The World's Coolest Book Test

Nathan will perform and teach his famous book test that uses no memorization and can be instantly repeated.  this KILLS!!!  

Plus Kranzo will share his knowledge on how to add comedy to your act and how to practice performing stand up! All this and much MORE!!!

“I love your stuff…..great work!”

-David Copperfield

"Nathan never fails to astonish me every time we meet, he fools me badly."

-Joshua Jay

“Magicians often claim there are no new effects in magic. Nathan Kranzo proves that’s a lie.”


Kranzo Entertainment

Watch The Comedy Magic And Mind Reading Show Now!!!

*Tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis.  Please reserve your spot today by purchasing a ticket from the menu above.  Must be an IBM Ring 112 Member in good standing to receive the discounted price.  Tickets will also be sold at the door.



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Hamilton County Parks & Recreation Presents Family Magic Night
6:30 PM18:30

Hamilton County Parks & Recreation Presents Family Magic Night

The Chattanooga Magic Club will be there to amuse and astound you with their tricks, illusion, and sleight of hand. Up close magic and snacks will begin at 6:30pm, followied by the show at 7pm. 

Pre-registration required - Call 423.842.6748

$5 per person or $15 for family (3 or more)

Prepay with credit card V/MC/D

to receive tickets by email 3/24 - 4/11

Cash or check only day of show - Limited to 300

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Joshua Jay Lecture
7:30 PM19:30

Joshua Jay Lecture

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Joshua Jay is coming to a city near you! In his first American lecture tour in seven years, acclaimed performer, author, and creator Joshua Jay will present two-hours of his newest and most exciting material. You will learn effects with cards, coins, dollar bills, matches, books, and more. You will see mentalism, close-up magic, and parlor effects, as well as his game-changing talk, “Decisions.” Joshua will perform and explain all the nuances to his latest creation, “Inferno,” which was just voted “Trick of the Year” on the Magic Café.

Here is a look at what will be covered:

Hitchcock: Party mystery story, part card trick, ALL magic. A card trick that astounds even parlor crowds.

Cornered Complete: A borrowed bill appears in a spectator's wallet, and to end, the torn-off corner of the bill is restored with a flash of fire.

Inferno: The 2014 "Trick of the Year" will be performed and explained. It's a thought-of card in matchbox.

Prism Deck: Joshua's signature color-changing deck routine. Entirely in the hands, visual, and with a surprise ending.

Sherlock: A spectator selects any one of SEVEN decks of cards, thinks of any card in the pack, and hides it. Using the tactics of Sherlock Holmes, you discern which pack was selected and which card was chosen. A magician-fooler and a crowd pleaser. Oh, and the routine is unpublished.

Triad Coins: This is Joshua's latest effect, and is not published. You'll have to come to see what it looks like.

Cylinder and Coins: A NEW handling of this classic effect, in which all the props (except the coins themselves) have been replaced.

And much, much more!

*Tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis.  Please reserve your spot today by purchasing a ticket from the menu above.  Must be an IBM Ring 112 Member in good standing to receive the discounted price.

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7:00 PM19:00

July Club Meeting

The theme of our July Club Meeting will be "magic in a moments notice."  What type of magic do you carry with you all the time?  What do you do when someone asks, "let me see some magic?"  You forgot your balloon to dove and no sponge rabbits in your pocket.  What do you do?

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